Sunday, March 15, 2009

AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!! (*_*)

at last my favourite week has finally come!!!! i got a week holliday!!! it's actually not that fun though but, i'm okay with it.... as long as it's a holliday..... but come to think of it , i think school is fun cuz we get to learn something new and have a chat with my friends or start making some jokes with them.. but i still don't care, i prefer home more than school cuz i like to make jokes with my family!!! i think that's all for today..... i dunno what to type anyway........ bye!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009


this is two of my favourite anime it is very funny and cute......... that's all. actually there's more..anime i like but i can't remember

Sunday, February 22, 2009

the most boring excursion...... :p

I hate this year's excursion cuz the leader of the club said that me are going to PETROSAINS and PLANETARIUM and whatsoever....... Actually we're going to SNGAPORE...(my hometown) but the teacher said that it's a waste of time cuz when we reach singapore, were going to spent only 45 minutes there....... I don't understand why cuz they said that we're going to PETROSAINS and they also said that we're going to spent time there for 3 hours onwards!!! and i was like can you imagine that!!!!!!!!???????? they said that it's a waste of time to go to singapore and then they spent 3 hours only at petrosains??!! it's the craziest thing i've ever heard...... but i don't care cuz i think that i don't want to go to this year's excursion cuz i've already discussed about it with my family....... that's all for now..... ($_$)

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I have 6 cute cats. 1:dimitri 2:nikita 3:fluffy 4:paches 5:baby 6:spock. i love all of them but one of those, PACHES likes to run out of the cage that causes some inconvenience. even if PACHES runs out of the cage, but i still love him cuz his cute!!!!!!!!!!!! DIMITRI is the oldest. He likes to pee out of the cage. Everytime i clean up dimitri's cage, he started like that kind of pose....... (the pee pose) that's why i always wants to avoid dimitri. but still,.......... i love him!!!!!!!! NIKITA is the second oldest. she is the kindest of them all........ she always sat in her cage quietly. that's why i love her.... another is FLUFFY she is one naughty cat. she likes to fight with all of her cagemates (that's what i called). but FLUFFY is very cute. she reminds me of PUSS IN BOOTS.(one of shrek's friends) and the 'odd one out' i is BABY. she is brown while the other's were white, that's why i called her 'odd one out'........ but baby is soooooooo cute she is the sweetest....of them all. and anotherone,SPOCK. she is cute, but she doesn't let me touch her cuz........... i don't know why........... but still love her..... that's all i can say about my KAWAII NEKO CHANS and F.Y.I i love all of my cats.....